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The Secrets of Angela’s work….

“Where did you get the idea for this piece? How long did it take for you to do that one? Where can I get a print of that? Do you do commissions?” People ask so many questions!

I was a grumpy young artist – I just wanted people to look at my work and love it! It never occurred to me that anyone would ask questions like that.

If someone asked me, “What does this painting mean,” I actually felt offended that the message of my work wasn’t plainly obvious to them – I wanted them to just allow the painting or sculpture to speak for itself. I didn’t understand that not everyone knows how to do that, and I was pushing people away by not knowing how to communicate.

Then a seasoned collector clued me in. He said, “Angela, people want an experience, to be drawn in as you were drawn in; almost to be in your shoes as you create and bring this painting or that sculpture into manifestation.” Wow. I’d never thought of that!

And he said, “They want a shift of thinking that leads them from ordinary, everyday consciousness – a journey into the world created by the image or the sculpture – and out the other side with a new, wonderful perception.” Oh! OK, I could learn how to talk about that! And so I did – and I’ve had such fun with people ever since. No more Grumpy Artist.

Art is about creating and transmitting
new perceptions to you, the viewer.

So that’s what I strive for: pieces that take you, the viewer, to another experience, another world, another realm, where you can enjoy rich, gem-like blasts of fantasy color, or rounded, voluptuous sculptural forms, and whimsical or powerful, poignant emotion.

I hope you enjoy cruising through my work. The works you see on this website were created all the way from 1985 to the present, including new pieces that are still available. And yes, I am hugely enormously prolific, and have tried many styles and various media. For fun! What else is life for?


If you’d like to purchase an original piece of my art, please shoot a note to me, so we can work out what you want, shipping to your chosen location, and all those fine details that make it possible for you to get your new art into your home or office as soon as humanly possible.


You can get beautiful quality prints on paper, canvas, metal – and even on acrylic – framed and unframed – plus amazing products like mugs, pillows, tote bags, shower curtains, duvets and lots more: HERE and HERE.


Maybe you like my work, maybe not. And, I bet you probably know someone who might like it and who would enjoy it. Can you think of someone? I hope you’ll send them the link to the site! Thanks, and I hope you do like it!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (thru the contact page, or, see the little hot pink floaty button to the left? You can use that, too. It goes straight to me lickety split.)


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Have fun cruising around!