Do your Etsy images do everything possible
to help you make sales?

Or are you missing out
because your images weren’t made right?

What if I could show you how to create the right product images the right way for all your Etsy listings and social media sharing?

How would it be if I showed you how to make it so you can use them for your multiple online (and offline!) sharing and marketing?

The Etsy Image GuideYOU’RE IN LUCK!

Yup! I have written and lavishly illustrated The Etsy Image Guide. In it, I show you all about how to create the right product images the step-by-step right way.

In The Etsy Image Guide, I show you how to take one image – no matter how you shoot it,  with a camera or phone – and make it into the product images you need for every single one of your marketing and sharing purposes.

Including images for:
• Etsy listings, FB, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites.
• your own website.
• image-hungry newspapers and magazines!
• making posters and prints for sale.


I’m going to show you my system for making all the images for my own Etsy listings, and all the multiple other uses I put the images to, as well.

Once you get my image system down, you can do it, too, 1-2-3 fast.

Not only will my system help you make as many images in the right sizes the right way as you like, it will save you time and energy. And you’ll amp your product exposure and increase sales.


Because my beta-readers asked me how I stash all my images to be sure I could find them again, since I make so many, I also decided to show how I store my image files.

After 50+ years of collecting images of my artwork, you can bet I have a system that allows me to access any image I want, lickety split.

I show you how I do that, too, with illustrated examples. There are other really great goodies I added, too.

Every single page in The Etsy Image Guide helps you make the right images the right way so you can sell more of your art and products in more places and make more money.


• Do you know the optimal sizes for images for Etsy, FB, Instagram & Pinterest?
• Do you know the optimal sizes for images for your website?
• Do you know what size to make images for magazines and newspapers who want to run articles on you and your work?
• Did you know you can rank your mages on google?
• Have you made any templates for fast sample-image creation?
• Have you used any of the freebie image modification apps if you don’t have Photoshop?
• Do you know how to make a pdf?
• Do you know how to make a © mark that protects your image, but doesn’t look like hell?
• Do you know what jpg, png, psd and tif are? And how they are used? And why that is so important?

Yup, I included answers to all that in The Etsy Image Guide – and more.


It is – but – best of all, it’s really easy to read because it’s well organized, and compiled intuitively.

And it’s easy to follow the How-to instructions.

To make sure, I ran it by a few non-techie non-artist reviewers who all think it’s terrific, easy to read – and even beautiful. Hah! Thank you! I’m proud of it!


♥ The 125-page Etsy Image Guide Ebook
Resources you’ll want & need, mostly no-cost
Q&As sheets with great questions asked by other artists and Etsy sellers, and…
♥ Three step-by-step How-to Checklists for making the right images the right way for the right use.


WOOHOO!!! I’m letting the word out today!

♥ Next week the print book will be ready, after it goes one more pass to see if I need to make any changes. AND…

♥♥♥ You can get the ebook right now! CLICK HERE!

The Etsy Image Guide will change your life!

You’ll be able to take all your images and get the very most out of them.

Get The Etsy Image Guide Ebook Suite:

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(I know – It sounds like there’s so much in it that it ought to cost more! But – nope! The print version will be $19.98 – that will be ready soon!)

When you use the fast, easy, painless steps
in The Etsy Image Guide, you’ll have:
• an efficient file-storage system for your images
• images showing buyers exactly what they’re getting
• The right product images in the right sizes…
…ready for Etsy and social media
…ready for your website
…ready for offline printing (surprise!)
…and more.

What are you waiting for?

I invite you to get to it now! Use The Etsy Image Guide to make the right images the right way, so your photos can work hard for you, selling more products and making you lots more money!


You >ought< to be proud of your pictures of your art or product!

If you are, the ‘ick’ in marketing will disappear – you’ll love showing people your pix!

Get The Etsy Image Guide Ebook Suite:

Click here to get it right now: $9.98

♥ The 125-page Etsy Image Guide Ebook
♥ The Resource Sheet pdf
♥ The Q&As sheet pdf and
♥ How-to Checklist #1
♥ How-to Checklist #2
♥ How-to Checklist #3


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