About Alcohol Inks

alcohol inksAlcohol inks are specially formulated, translucent, acid-free inks that are permanent and dry very fast.

These inks are used on a variety of materials that are often difficult to apply color to such as plastic, metal, foil, glass, and other slick, non-porous surfaces.

The inks took me totally by surprise. I had been looking for a way to stop painting in high detail, but kept getting sucked back into the detail over and over, even in my more abstract paintings. But the AIs don’t allow you to get picky because of the way they act.

Using small squeeze bottles, you put a couple drops on a slick surface and they just voluntarily spread here and there, will-nilly! You can either allow the inks to spread and blend, or you can use a straw to blow the ink where you want it, or you can use a blending solution to spread it around. If you try to paint details, the inks just spread away from your line. If I was a perfectionist, I’d go crazy!

There are those who do use a less slick surface and paint flowers and sunsets and such, but I’m really enjoying the way the inks dictate to me how they want to look.

I hope you enjoy the paintings I’ve done with them so far as much as I do!

HERE is a cool Pinterest board with a whole lot of great looking items painted with AIs.

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