When I lived in Gore NZ as Artist-in-Residence, I was 3000 miles from home, alone, with almost no money – yet somehow I was able to get by and even have lots of fun, in spite of the several emotional whammos I went through. I kept having these dreams of … Continue reading


When I was 41 years old, I was deeply depressed with daily suicidal thoughts. I had everything but happiness. I had a nice house in Hawaii – paradise! – a nice car, good community. I was beginning to get a few good words about my sculpture in the art circles, … Continue reading

Radical Courage

As an artist and entrepreneur, risk and change has become an integral part of my life. I used to fight it, but now? Open arms. Without the challenges offered by going through big changes and daring adventures, I’d never have developed the capacity for courage and acceptance that I have. … Continue reading