I loved Downward Dawg that I designed yesterday, that I figured I should-oughta make Upward Dawg, too. This one’s one of my favorite poses – I have a funky congenital glitch at the base of my spine that makes this position really difficult – so of course I enjoy it, right? Snort! When I come out of it, the pain I usually feel in my hip is reduced significantly. What a relief!

I believe that if yoga was introduced to kids at an early age – along with the meditative practices it assists – what a different world we’d have!

I think we all need to stop moaning and groaning about how bad things are. That just perpetuates the ‘bad’ energy.

Instead, let’s dream up cool stuff, go about DOing cool stuff, saying I love you, singing sweet songs – how can our world not change for the better if we all did that?

Fido, Felix, Birdies and I are here to help!

text and image © Angela Treat Lyon
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