You know how when you watch a movie and you end up rooting for the little guy?

Well, I do, anyway – such a common theme – well this is the little guy who’s fed up with the shenanigans being pulled by the supposed ‘good’ guys (in this case, the all-powerful, ever-present moon, supposedly benignly watching over us, protecting us – hah – not.).

Little Freedom Fighter Birdie, his little heart beating right out of his chest he’s so scared but so pissed off that he’s transcended his fear, stands on the backs of all those little gathered-together hurt people who aren’t brave enough to say ‘stop hurting me!’ and screams at the Bad Guys, ‘stop hurting us! Go the f away!’

I know, you may not agree with my take on things, but that’s OK. I’ll stand for the helpless any day.

text and image © Angela Treat Lyon 2022


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