About 100 Days, 100 Paintings

Are you a water lover?

water garbage

Does the sight of plastic crap floating around where you used to swim bother you?

If you love the ocean, beaches, and waterways as much as I do, you’re probably as ticked off as I am about how how they have gotten all gunked up with trash – particularly plastic drinking water bottles.


It’s revolting. To walk down some beaches here in Hawaii, you literally have to wade through plastic water bottles lying on the sand. Gross.

The Big Mess

And of course you have probably heard about the 90-foot deep, twice-Texas-sized trash heap floating in the Pacific that is full of plastic water bottles. It takes me three days to drive across Texas – that give you any idea how big the floating mess-heap out in the Pacific is?

Goodness only knows how THAT will get cleaned up. Maybe some giant trash trawler can go out and harvest the stuff and compress it into material we can make stuff out of. But it needs cleaning up and it needs it now.

What to DO?

did you know...I decided to take action.

Good intentions are nothing without action in the real world.

I thought to myself, “What can one person DO?”

Well, I’m an artist, I can paint.

I’ve got a big mouth, I can create awareness, and I can ask people to wake up.

I’ve got inspiration, and I can ask people to find organizations that help the planet and donate to them. And I can donate some of my own time and money.

A New Painting Every Day

So I painted a new 9″ x 12″ painting every day for 100 days (M-F only!). My plan was to sell them far below my usual prices for $100 a piece so they will be easily attainable and bring in monies for the cause. Later on, I raised the price to $350 because people told me they weren’t seen as valuable enough at the lower price!

How do you get your original painting?

Click on the green contact button to the side and contact me so you can get your painting as soon as possible!

Thanks for coming along, enjoying art and helping to clean up our home planet. We really need to think up alternative ways we can have the ease and convenience of the products we use, but in a more environmentally friendly, useful way! (Be a recycling champion – ask your state to make recycling a law if it is not.)