I remember the very first time I ever saw anyone doing yoga. I was 21. My then-hubby bought a huge how-to book that had big in-your-face photos of the yoga guru posing in all these wild contortions.

I was aghast! I’m supposed to twist my body into that shape? Nope. Won’t. I did do the most basics, and still do, 56 years later. But boy, those feet-behind-the-ears ones, and the stand-on-your-one-hand while elevating your entire body with crossed legs over your head? Nope nope nope.

Maybe you can spot what happens to me when I do this pose…

My yoga mat is in the middle, with crystal sounding bowls and sticks, and my buddies the chirpy birdies, sweet doggie and climby cat – who could ask for more!

text and image © Angela Treat Lyon – prints and originals


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