The “Carving My Life” Series

  Carving My Life, Volume II
People always tell me that
I’ve done so much and my life is so interesting I should write about it. OK! So, you can get Volume I and II HERE. Available in ebook and print form.

Women of Power, Volume I

wop-cover-4h blackThe Women of Power Series, Volume #1 

I posted a series on Facebook of specific women in history, each postaccompanied by pertinent information about each woman. The series has enjoyed a pretty resounding success, and I’m very pleased!

People have been thanking me for the series, saying it has been educational, inspiring and exciting. Readers are enjoying seeing how these women overcame cultural or family opposition, how they did incredible things and contributed to science and other disciplines in a big way.

Get your copy HERE

Women of Power, Volume II

The Women of Power Series, Volume #2

The women in this ebook overcame gender oppression, political, cultural or family opposition to do incredible things and contribute to science and exploration in a big way.

Often these women had to live with their dreams hidden from sight, concealing their true sex, or undergoing tremendous physical exertion.

And they succeeded, even when they were run over or ignored by the men in their fields, and even completely forgotten within a short time after their deaths – sometimes even obliterated from history by power-hungry sons, husbands, business partners or employers.

I hope you enjoy reading it and appreciating who each woman in it was, and how cool the things they did were. Get Volume II HERE