Ever Feel Stuck?

sm-askSometimes, I just feel bloody stuck, to be quite frank about it. Stuck as in, no ideas, no inspiration, nothing.

And it seems like it will last forever.

And then, all of a sudden, I’ll find the work of an artist whose work turns me on, or see a photo of something that wakes my inner world up, or hear something someone says that triggers a stream of images.

Thing is, people seem to think artists are “on” all the time.

I honestly don’t know about other artists, but I’m not. I can’t just walk into my studio and start painting or carving – I have to have an inner picture or form I can ‘see’ before I start to work. So if it ain’t there, no work gets done.

Other times, there’s a long line of images clamoring to come out. It’s deluge or drought!

This is why most artists are absolutely crappy employees – a 9 to 5 existence kills our inner spark and leaves us like the walking dead. Well, it does me, anyway. I’ve been told I needed a work schedule, so I could “do” my art on a regular basis. Might work for some, but not this one.

If this all describes you, take heart – you’re not alone. And if you feel stuck, go to Google Images and start looking at other artists’ work – that’s what usually gets me out of a funk. Try it.

Another thing I do is ask myself, if I were to die in 48 hours, what drawing, painting or carving would I be really pissed I hadn’t done before I croaked? Or what piece would I like to be in the middle of as I leave the planet?

Today I found another artist’s work – she paints with a combination of simplicity of design and complex background ideas that I like a lot. Now I have more of an idea what to do next for my new series. Not copy her, of course – her work gave me permission to do what ‘d been dreaming up already.

It can be simple to get unstuck if we allow it, can’t it?!?



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