If you post on social media, create and post images on your website, or use images for your portfolio – or any type of stationery or promotional materials – both online and off – you need to know this stuff!

•  Do you know the difference between .jpg, .tif, .png, and .pdf files?
•  Do you know why you should handle a lossy file with kid gloves? Or what a lossy file is?
•  Do you know what ‘jpeg’ stands for?
•  Do you know why you should never, ever open your original image file for any photo or artwork you save in jpg format?
•  Since you can’t open that original, do you know how to modify it to get the image you want?
•  Do you know what advantages a png file has over a jpeg file?
•  Do you know the proper pronunciation of Gif? And why gifs were invented?
•  Do you know what ‘pdf’ stands for, and why the advent of the pdf completely changed the digital file game?

I Invite you to watch my free video to find out the answers!
CLICK HERE (no strings, no upsells)! Or click on the image below:

CLICK HERE or on the image below to get the pdf (also free) where I give you multiple resources and links to info on show how to modify your images in other-than-photoshop apps, keyboard shortcuts, and lots more –


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