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 • PASSWORD 1: loveand


Please help prevent piracy – a huge problem with art these days. Please DO NOT give these passwords away to anyone else – even your family, spouse  or best friend.

Instead of depriving others of the satisfaction of becoming a collector – show them where to get their own prints, instead! Send them here!

Thanks so very much – I know you understand.


Use good print or photographic paper when you print it out so the colors will be shown as bright as possible. If you decide to become a Print of the Month Collector, you’ll want to get a box of paper with at least 12 sheets in it.

You can also go to a print house like Kinko’s or Office Max and get it printed out. Be sure to ask for top quality paper. You can just email the pdf to them, or you can put it on a flash drive and take it to them. Remember to give them the passwords so they can open and print it.


I created the pdfs in regular 8.5 x 11 size files so you can get inexpensive but nice frames without having to go to a framer. You can also carefully cut the white part off and use a 5″ x 7″ frame if you’re short on space.


Make sure that your print is NOT hanging in direct or really strong lighting or sunlight. Any painting – original or print – will fade if exposed to daily direct light. Your print will last for a long time if you hand it in indirect light.


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Angela Treat Lyon