Enko Art Interview, Part 2: the Art Closest to My Heart

Recently I was interviewed for EnkoArt.wordpress.com, a  terrific art site that features many artists. Mia Corrino, the interviewer, does a whole lot of research before asking her questions, and I was particularly pleased with the questions she asked me. Here’s the second one – more to come in ensuing posts. Or if you so choose, you can read the whole thing on her site HERE

Question 2:

Who Am I? NZ Oamaru Limestone, 12" x 12" x 12" (sold)

Who Am I? NZ Oamaru Limestone, 12″ x 12″ x 12″ (sold)

You have created a number of artworks since 1980s. Which ones were the closest to your heart – whether it was a commission or your own incentive?


A number! We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of pieces! There are over 700 images of my work on my website, and it’s a fraction of the work I’ve done. I think I’m a freak of prolificity —if there is such a word! To choose favorites? Hard.

I guess I’d choose the pieces I carved when I was Artist-in-Residence in Gore, New Zealand. That was a very good era for me.

The stone was fabulous—beautiful, creamy limestone from the south island—and I had total freedom as to what I could carve. No commissions to tie me into a theme or size or budget.

Pomegranate, I’m Happy to Be Me, Who Am I?, Bella, La Balanza—all fluid, powerful, voluptuous pieces I still love today. I’m so glad I kept I’m Happy to Be Me—she sits outside my office right now.

All of them are rounded, full, powerful, simple without being simplistic, emotionally moving, happy—all aspects I love. And they also remain the most popular.

…to be continued….


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