Interviewed by Top Artist Blogger! Wohoo!

Sing the CosmosLast week I had a sweet invitation to be one of the artists interviewed for artist/blogger website belonging to a gal who goes by the intriguing name of Tangerine Meg.

She asked some great questions and added a really good bunch of my artwork on the page, too (6 or 7 pieces). (Image shown: Sing the Cosmos, oils 18″ x 18″)

In case you’re like me and like reading better than listening (I can read faster than I can listen), you’ll be happy to know that it’s a read-it interview, not a listen-interview. She’s broken it up into little easy-to read chunks.

What will you get?

You’ll find out what I decided never to do when I was still a kid, and why; and how I got through years and years of …well, you’ll see!

Have fun – and I hope this will inspire you if you’re feeling a little down –


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