The Freedom of Women Series

These are fabulous, powerful, compassionate women who are free on a core, cellular level. They’re self-assured, they stand straight, and they’re completely unafraid to speak out about the things they care about.


Their eyes catch yours, and they ignite that Spark of divinity and inspiration and bottomless love within you, and connect, saying, “Hey Sister, I Know you! Hey Brother, I Know you, too!”


What kind of freedom do you want in your life?

Freedom to live your Dream?
…to find and fulfill your heart’s Deepest Desire?
…to find and connect with your Just-Right-for-You-Mate?
…to feel prosperous and inspired?
…to travel and meet other fabulous people in the world?
…to create endlessly beautiful works, whether art, music, dance or other?
…to make the world a better place for yourself, your kids, the Earth and others?


What is your most important kind of freedom? Would you scroll to the bottom of this page and share it in the comments area?

Thanks! And yes, I do come here and check to see what people have written!!

So which ones are your favorites?

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What do you get?

Each print is a downloadable, password protected pdf that you can download and print out right away – no waiting for it to come in the mail.

The paper size is  8.5″ x 11″ – the same size as typewriter paper.  Once it’s printed, you can plop it into a standard frame, and up it goes on your wall. Instant Freedom Inspiration!

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